Monday, April 22, 2013

The stars lean down to kiss you

My mom and I went to the big thrift store in town today in the hopes of finding a trunk. We didn't succeed, but we did come upon other finds. 

I own quite a few leather jackets. I have been given most of them by friends and bought two. So when Ryan and William told me I needed a leather jacket when I rode my motor cycle I thought I was covered. What I didn't know is it has to be a certain kind with a high collar and snug at the waste and wrists. (Added protection in case of a crash.) None of mine met the requirements very good but I hadn't given it much thought as I don't even have my permit yet. 
Today, however, I found this.

It even has a working zipper and is lighter then the one I had planned on wearing. (Since I only plan on riding in the summer, a lighter jacket will be nice.)

The high collar which I can strap snugly under my helmet

It was a nice, unexpected find. And kind of handy as I should be able to get my permit in May. Now all I need is my helmet, which I'm hoping to get this month, and a pair of leather pants. My brothers insist I wear them as they will offer more protection then my blue jeans. I'm not overly keen on the idea, but it is sweet to have them concerned about me and if I do crash I don't really want to tear my legs up.

I also found a pair of boots, but not just any pair.

My dad likes to watch the old Get Smart TV shows. They were filmed during the 60's, which means Max's partner, 99, had some very interesting outfits. Click on the video below. You needn't watch it all, if you just fast forward through bits of it you will see her outfit.
Never mind, I couldn't get it to pull you. You can find it by clicking on the link.

Anyways, we all had a good laugh over the outfit, but then one thing lead to another and I made a threat. I said if I ever found a pair of tall red boots I would make that outfit and wear it around town.
And when I make a threat I carry it through.

Yes, I bought them. And as soon as I can find the right patterned material I plan to make the outfit. And then go to Walmart with William - the only one who said he'd be willing to be seen with me in it.

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  1. Now we need a photo with you wearing these very cool clothes!