Friday, March 22, 2013

Take me above your light, carry me through the night

It warmed up here the first of last week. Usually our winters last until June but this year we've had an early spring. This caused most of us to loose our coats and trade them for jackets. And even though we've had another cold snap this week all of us have been reluctant to give up our jackets.

Since it has been warmed I've packed away my long skirts and jeans for shorter skirts my mom bought me over the weekend. 
(I will not be taking pictures of me wearing my outfits because the camera I use doesn't have a timer and taking them in the bathroom mirror never looks right.)

My mom bought this skirt for me when we were thrift store shopping. Since it is bright pink it felt more springy to wear it. I found the shirt while digging in my clothes. I wore a white button sweeter with it most of the time because it is still too cold to go with just short sleeves.

A better look at the skirt

I also had to wear tights, since the skirt is shorter and my legs would have frozen without them. I went with my brown pair.

Lastly was my new cowboy boots. I decided a month or so ago I wanted a pair, something I never thought I'd want. I looked all over for them. One would think they would be easy to find since I live in a cowboy country, but the used pairs I found cost $40 to $50 and new pairs were $100 at the cheapest. I all but gave up when I saw these at Walmart for $25. I didn't get them when I first saw them as I didn't have the money and later they disappeared. I feared I'd passed up the chance of getting myself a pair of cowboy boots but thankfully found out they just moved them. William bought them for me, letting me pay him back, before the only pair that fit me were gone.


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